`TomorrowEarth' Institution

The Dream "TomorrowEarth" Institution

Usually, education refers to learning bookish knowledge in developing countries. Other activities like sports, community work are not treated with equal importance in the educational institutes of these countries. Considering the existing context, “Green Children” is planning to establish a world-class educational institution for underprivileged (Climate) children where they can learn both from the book and nature. The Institute will be named after “TomorrowEarth”. The poor children from different parts of the globe will get the opportunity to study in this institute. These children will build a beautiful world for the next generation. Here, the students will conduct research on different disciplines of science, social science, arts and culture to make a worthy place to live in. They will become world class scientists, athletes, sportsmen, social workers, teachers, soldiers and what not! Most importantly, they will become good human beings who will serve nature and humanity with absolute love and compassion.

The institute will be established in a rural neighborhood in Bangladesh with a big open area. Initially, the place will be designed in such a way that one thousand students can get a promising environment for receiving education with residential facilities. The institute will provide quality education to the poor students around the world with fifty percent reserved seats for Bangladeshi students. We encourage every potential person from each and every corner of the world to become connected with this initiative on a voluntary basis. We hope we will get a competent team of young and old people from different parts of the world to run the institute.

As a part of community service, the institute will also run an IT unit to provide vocational training on different IT skills to the young population of the village where the institute will be located. The intention is to train up at least one person from each family for becoming employed or able to earn money through freelancing by using their earned skills. The institute will also work to develop its infrastructure and provide inputs to digitalize, thus the village turns into a model village in the world.

Our collective contributions can transform the dream of founding “TomorrowEarth” Institute into reality.

Make you proud by being a part of “TomorrowEarth” Institute.