In 2012, GC started the initiative “feed a glass of milk” for the disadvantaged children in Dhaka. The GC team provided a glass of milk along with an egg to these children five days a week with the intent to ensure their daily nutrition. Besides this initiative, GC also had started running an informal learning school for providing these children with basic education. So far, approximately 15,000 children, involved in working in different workshops, press and binding works, begging, selling flowers and toys on the street side, collecting paper and plastics, and other heavy works, have been reached through these initiatives.

As these children are floating in nature due to having no permanent place for living, GC found it difficult to reach them in a certain place at the same time. Therefore, the initiative “feed a glass of milk” has been redesigned. The GC team has selected some spots with high availability of these children across Dhaka city for providing food to these children.

A Glass of Milk and Pre-primary Education Center

In July 2012, we started operating a pre-primary education center at Bosila Slum in Dhaka to provide learning support to the street children, thus these children can enroll into mainstream primary school. Besides providing pre-primary education, these children had also been provided with a glass of milk four days a week. Established people of the society often visited the schools and spent time with these children by chatting and playing with them. The learning center stopped due to the financial crisis after two years of inception. Although the center stopped, it helped some of the street children to get enrolled in mainstream primary school during the operational period. We have found some of our students are continuing their education besides doing their work to support their livelihood. This short but invaluable experience of operating the learning center taught us that providing a little support with love and care can change the life of these underprivileged street children.


In 2015, we launched a ICT in the Bosila slum to provide the street children with Information and Communication Technology at free cost. The lab started its journey with three computers, provided by a Bangladeshi renowned shoe brand “Apex”. In a short time, the lab came to be a popular place for these children to learn new ICT knowledge. Unfortunately, the lab became abandoned due to a severe flood in 2016.

Other Activities

“Green Children” has been running its other activities regularly nowadays. Members and volunteers of our organization observe different national days with the street children. Furthermore, activities like providing seasonal fruits in different seasons, distributing warm clothes in winter, and providing emergency support to the victims of natural disasters are being carried out on a regular basis. During the corona pandemic, facial masks and shoes have been distributed among the underprivileged and homeless children. 

Some activities Photos